February 8, 2011

Coachella Track of the Day: The Black Keys - "Girl Is On My Mind"

The Black Keys are a band that had been recommended to me a number of times by various people whose musical tastes are similar to mine, but for whatever reason it wasn't until they were announced as part of this year's Coachella that I really began to dig deep and I figured out that they may be one of the better mainstream sounding rock bands out there today.

What makes them stand out is that it is a two-man band...guitarist/singer Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, who also produces. Auerbach has a pretty damn good stage presence as evidenced in this video. "Girl Is On My Mind" was the first of The Black Key's tracks to really stick with me, gotta love that old school guitar sound.

The Black Keys will be performing on the Friday of Coachella and will likely be pretty high up the bill. Expect them to go on later in the evening.

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