February 3, 2011

Coachella Track of the Day: PJ Harvey - "Hook"

Props to an old school chum of mine Andrew for turning me onto PJ Harvey quite a number of years ago. I remember him sending this track to me via AIM File Sender [remember those days?] and being blown away by her vocals.

She is someone who longtime followers of the Coachella festival have been clamoring for, and finally they will get their wish as PJ Harvey will play Sunday, April 17th.

She is set to release a new album February 15th entitled "Let England Shake", which explores the political terrain of her homeland for the first time in her career. She has setup a tour surrounding Coachella and will be playing in San Francisco on February 14th at The Warfield.

Source: PJ Harvey "It's important to address the issues of our lives" [Examiner.com]

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